Monday, October 15, 2012

Birds Have Wings: Art Journal page

We have an art journal challenge this month and for the first time I feel like I really got into the concept to create something personal and fun. Using a bird theme was part of the greater success I'm sure. "Birds Have Wings" is something we say when an unexpectedly rare bird shows up. It is true in both a literal sense and figuratively. I used a letter-size page (8.5 x 11 inches).
Designer Credits:
-background, transfer: ArtPlay Palette Salty Living by Anna Aspnes
-bird drawing, raven, tree, ticket: Zen & the Art of: All Hallows Eve by Maya de Groot
-wings, bug (half): Zen & the Art of: Steam Machines by Maya de Groot
-frame, arrow, word art, hummingbird: Aero Toni by Maya de Groot
-butterfly wing, winged girl (half): Count the Ways by Joanne Brisebois
-map: Travel Americas No. 2 by Anna ASpnes
-bird drawing: APP Viaggio by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Alte Caps, Aquanaut, BenquiatGot Bk BT, Carbon Block, Dauphin, Castenet, Kingthings Wrote, James Fajardo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Images of Autumn

Both new and older photos of autumn scenes have been the focus of several new pages. First below are wild flowers called New England Asters that I love. They are also popular with bees and butterflies. Second is a picture of a dead tree that was apparently split down the middle, the two parts falling opposite one another, with the middle now home to a vine, its leaves turning color. Last is a beautiful scene from two years ago.

Designer Credits:
-template: October CopyCat Challenge template by Elisa (EHStudios) based on "Accrobranche" by Dumpty 
-papers: Oscraps Collab nOvel
-swirl: Blessed Blooms by Danielle Young
-dragonfly: Serendipity by Jennifer Labre
fonts: Ultima Campagnoli, USA Light

Designer Credits:
Anna Lift of ‘.F.A.L.L.‘ by Guinevere 
by Anna Aspnes:
-paper, transfer (one as photo mask), frame, tree: ArtPlay Palette Family
-word art: WordTransfers Life No. 1
-stitching: StraightLine Stitched White No. 3
-dried flower (blended): APP Bask
& red leaf: Zen & the Art of: All Hallows Eve by Maya de Groot
fonts: Dry Goods Antique JL, Pristina, Southern

Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-paper, transfer: ArtPlay Palette Bask
-brush as photo mask: APP Salty Living
-frame: APP No. 10
-twig sketch, bead: APP Barren Sunrise
-doodle: APP Sophistica
-leaves: GoldLeaves No. 1
-stitching: KrissKross Stitched Overlays No. 1
fonts: Vengeance, Vogue

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faces of Family

This week's AnnaLift was inspired by a beautiful page of photos of the ages of a man. I chose to interpret it with photos of my great-great-grandfather, his sister and three of their cousins. Their faces show a strong resemblance. I used the same pictures along with those from other generations in an earlier page here, but much prefer the design of this new one.
Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-paper, transfers: ArtPlay Palette Tapestry
-brush, wood button: APP Salty Living
-button, brad: APP Family
fonts: Banff, Bradley Hand ITC, First Order