Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekly Pages - up to week 30

I last posted one of my weekly pages of daily photos after week 10. Don't know where the time went, but I have continued to get the pages done. Here is the week that I mostly spent back at college.

Designer Credits:
Antique by Merkeley Designs
-flower: Antique Flowers by Merkeley Designs
fonts: Hurry Up, Huxtable, Corbel

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drawing #38 - Journey In Details

I started another drawing as soon as possible. The theme of my class last week was not just writing for genealogy, but focused on writing the stories of our immigrant ancestors. Their journey is the image in my mind as I worked on this mental landscape. The new sketchbook, pen and pencils were again my tools with some added collage from other supplies.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Family Tree Design

I'm working on another drawing but in the meantime wanted to share a design I did of a small family tree. I'm thinking of it as a possible cover design for a family history book. This names my mother, her parents and grandparents. I always think about my mother when July 1 rolls around as that was her birthday.

Designer Credits:
-background, brush, transfers: ArtPlay Palette Epic by Anna Aspnes
-leaf shape: Like a Bird by Maya de Groot
-leaf papers, brush as photo mask: ArtPlay Palette Lush by Anna Aspnes
-tree: Trees No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-overlay: SkinnyLined Overlays No. 2 by Anna Aspnes
-journal boxes: Spray-ons {journaled 2} by Studio 68
fonts: KG Skinny Latte, Pristina, Celtic Hand

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Drawing #37 - The Writing

As soon as the drawing "Mondays" was done I bought three more colored pencils and began another. It's titled "The Writing" in honor of the fact that this all occurred during the week of my class in genealogical writing.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Drawing #36 - Mondays

After so many months more drawings are under way. I'm off for a genealogy class this week. I didn't bring any art supplies but at the morning break on Monday I couldn't stand it and was off to the college bookstore for something. I got a sketchbook, 8 x 10, a different shape and size with a nice light texture. I got a black pen and a copper colored pencil. Actually I did have a small glue stick and picked up a brochure on art classes already past for a little collage. That was all it took for a new mental landscape!

When it was done I bought three more pencils and am well into another one! I've had each a small and a large drawing in progress at home for a long time without making any progress. Who knew I'd take this new turn with no paint or variety of pen and ink.