Friday, September 30, 2011

Drawing #9 - Navigator

Another mental landscape drawing is here. This one depicts the Navigator. We have found many things in its parts and I'm sure you will too. The Navigator might chart our path or help us take flight.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bald Eagle Success

A photo from August at the natural history museum seemed too nice not to scrap. The museum had an early successful breeding program for Bald Eagles and still keeps injured birds for educational purposes in a wild-like environment.
Designer Credits:
ArtPlay Palette Autumn Haze by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Pea Aimee, Mufferaw

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hidden Colors: Mallards

I liked this photo of two female Mallards in part because the bright blue of one's speculum shows up so well. When this week's scraplift for Anna Aspnes came along I decided to use it for the layout. Blue featured prominently in the original so I turned the vegetation a bit blue here too.
Designer Credits:
-lift of "chick" by Rita006
ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
font: FreekTure

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drawing #8 - Dragonrider

I was quite excited as this one developed. The title arose very early and I actually worked with it in mind much of the time. Perhaps later I'll tell more about the creation of the basic shapes in the beginning. I also have to get back with an image for another scraplift, but here is the Dragonrider.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Drawing #7 - Ancient Oak

The latest drawing or "mental landscape" is finally here. I think of it as an ancient oak, inspired in part by the big old oak around which the orange mushrooms appeared. I worked on it a little bit at a time over many days.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Heat of Summer

During the week, on the 13th, we went out to enjoy what promised to be the last hot day of summer. It was really nice out and notable around the Lake View ponds were lots of dragonflies. I managed to get decent photos of one, a Blue Dasher. I love the challenge of photographing dragonflies! The page done with it is a scraplift for a new designer at Oscraps.
Designer Credits:
scraplift of ‘Morning Tea’ by Judy (Jarhm)
ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Brochure, Banff, Amienne

Monday, September 12, 2011

Curious Challege: Out of focus photo

Do you still have some out of focus photos you just didn't want to delete? This month the camera challenge at Oscraps has us looking at ways it can be a good thing. I actually found two from a little before dawn at the airport that seemed to be just the thing. I've taken interesting photos through the windshield of a moving car, but in the near dark it didn't work too well, but did create a moody image.
Designer Credits:
-background paper, purple paper (blended) from Royal Blending Papers by tinamarie
-brushes from ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
-stitching from All Stitched by Kitty Designs
-border from Strippies 2 by Merkeley Designs
-waved element from Modern Paper Masks by tinamarie
fonts: Pea Anderson, Enchanted Prairie Dog, Pea Beth

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fabulous Orange Mushrooms

Last week we drove through Lake View and were surprised to see a big old oak tree ringed with bright orange mushrooms. I had to take lots of photos of them. That led to a series of scrapbook pages. The multi-photo one shows the general scene and uses a Quick Page and Template. The identity of the mushrooms and a little about them is in a color challenge page. A color or palette was not specified, but we had to "lift" a color from our photo. Last, a designer new to Oscraps has a free kit and a challenge to use it. I think it is perfect for me and my favorite photo of the lot.
Designer Credits:
-template: Simply Quick No. 39 by Sue Cummings
-background paper (blended with photo) from Sketchbook Artistry No. 1 by Sue Cummings
fonts: harrison, Lithograph
Designer Credits:
-background & orange papers, stamp from Rachel by Lydia Designs
-glitter, brown paper from Blessing by Lydia Designs
-masks for papers from ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
-orange dots from ArtPlay Palette Saffron Villa Freebie by Anna Aspnes
-doodle from Grafitti by Fei-fei's Stuff
-plant drawing from Profiles No. 2 by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Angel Tears, James Fajardo, Kartika
Designer Credits:
ArtPlay Palette Saffron Villa Freebie by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Dungeon, Erie Black, Erie

Family History Images

I am so behind in posting my scrapbook pages to my blog!

I have so much new material from my recent trip to Kentucky and used some of it and ideas from it for two pages. I love the one with a photo of my grandmother! It was for a web inspiration challenge. Oscraps is starting to get into Art Journaling and for a challenge I did one using the original 1906 newspaper illustration from which I created my avatar back in 2006 when it was 100 years old.

Designer Credits:
-ArtPlay Palette No. 10 MiniKit by Anna Aspnes
font: 1942 report
Designer Credits:
-background paper from Stuck On You by Maya de Groot blended with
-blue paper, elements from Art Journaling Freebie by Maya de Groot
-clock stamp from Kala Stamps by Lydia Designs
-glitter element from The Silver Flakes by Kitty Designs
-woman from 1906 newspaper
-old family page
fonts: Hurry Up, James Fajardo, First Order Shadow, Girls Are Weird, Kings of Pacifica, Snell Bd BT

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flowers Saying Goodbye to Summer

It is always sad when the rain knocks down the trumpet creeper flowers, but even more so now when not many more will bloom till next summer. This page is for a copycat or template challenge.
Designer Credits:
-template from Sept. 2011 Copycat Challenge by clarabear based on "you are my hope" by Topsi
-background, gold & patterned white papers, circle word art from 52 Inspirations {2011} Week 33 by Sue Cummings
-gray patterned paper from Stuck On You by Maya de Groot
-stitching with pennants from All Stitched by Kitty Designs
-bee from Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
-lower white flower from Shimmer by Kitty Designs
-white and yellowish flowers, staples from Sunrise Sunset by Fei-fei's Stuff
-ribbon from Winter Escape by tinamarie
fonts: Zinjaro LET, Chalk, Blue Highway Condensed

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drawing #6 - The Gathering

I think I like the term "mental landscape" for these drawings more than doodle. I used those words in a reply to Deb explaining that my drawings are done over several different times and don't reflect just one time or mood. I began #6 before our trip and completed it last night. When I looked at the finished drawing it immediately said "Gathering" to me. I later realized that was the name of the I Ching pattern I threw in a genealogy fun blog event on August 20th - and its forecast totally came true. How nice to pair my art and genealogy! Don't forget to click on the image to see it larger.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from a wonderful trip

We went to Kentucky to do research on my father's family and it was great! The research was very rewarding, but the best was seeing relatives for the first time in forever. Everyone was great and then my aunt's grandson started bringing out things she left. It was incredible and we didn't have time to get through it all. Now it should be easy to visit again.
September challenges are out and this is to journal about what was special this summer.
Designer Credits:
-background paper from Black & White by Sue Cummings
-orange paper from 52 Inspirations {2011} Week 33 by Sue Cummings
-gray paper form Old Stuff by Jodie McNally
-ribbon from Rachel Papers by Lydia Designs
-stitching, flower from Composition by One Little Bird
-twig from Twig It by Merkeley Designs
fonts: Earwig Factory, Dauphin, Ahnberg, baby dont worry bout it!, Euromode