Friday, March 15, 2013

Special Week of Photos Complete

My special week of photos is now complete. Check them out here.

Somehow I have them all outdoors with trees in them or a feature. Mostly they're pretty different from the daily photos that will go into my Project 365 pages. It was strange, but interesting to do two different photos each day keeping two different ideas for them. Here's one from yesterday in the sunshine as a bonus. ;)

Hope you'll find it a curious but interesting week.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celebrate Winter Gulls on Icy Lake Erie

This page is another painting my photo. This is a January scene of gulls at a power plant warm water outflow. They gather there when the lake is freezing up. Unusual ones show up then.
Designer Credits:
-background: ArtsyBlendz Snow Paperie No. 2
-brush: ArtPlay Palette No. 10
-brushes: ArtPlay Palette Sophistica
-word art, stars: Oscraps Collab Winter Wonderland
font: Vladimir Script

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebration of Color -- in Birds!

There is a challenge to use a quote about color. I chose one that lent itself to a display of bird colors. Two photos are Dick's and two are mine. This felt so very good to do during these gray days of March, waiting, waiting for spring to come.
Hope you didn't need your sunglasses for this!
Designer Credits:
-background: Oscraps Collab Firefly Nights
-splats: Woodland by The Hidden Heart
-stitching: KrissKross Stitched Overlays No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-bird stamp: One of Those Days by Val C. Designs
-alpha: I Love Alphas by The Hidden Heart
fonts: Penguin, Biondi, Celtic Hand, Blue Highway

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christmas Letdown: Back in Time

I'm not positive of the year, but this is part of my brother's family in the midst of the post-unwrapping debris. It is not a good quality photo, but I finally think I have a way to make it work. I was surprised to realize the purse in the lower right was mine, one I only remembered when I saw it in the photo.

Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-background: ArtPlay Palette Family
-tree transfer: ArtPlay Palette Christmas Tree
-transfer: ArtPlay Palette Christmas Nostalgia
-brushes: ArtPlay Night Before Christmas BrushSet
-star: Acrylic Christmas No. 1
font: cinnamon cake

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mother at Graduation, 1928

I'm sure this new page is my best yet with this precious photo of my mother at the time of her high school graduation.
Designer Credits:
Creative Techniques tutorial on clusters
-paper, frame, flowers, star, butterfly: Hope by Merkeley Designs
-stamp: stamped mess {take a chance} by Studio 68
-border: Doily Edge Overlays No. 2 by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Vladimir Script, CasperOpenFace

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weeks 9 and 10 scrapped

I'm still getting my photo each day and now have pages for ten weeks. Where has the time gone?

Designer Credits:
-background: Autumn Sonnet by Mary Pop Designs
-accent papers: Woodland by The Hidden Heart
-beaded strip: Eternity by Mary Pop Designs
-bird: Breathe by Forever Joy
fonts: Hurry Up, Switzerland Narrow

Designer Credits:
-middle paper: Nature Notes by Retro Designs
-bird: Nature Notes Freebie by Retro Designs
-orange paper, frame: Oscraps Collab Firefly Nights
-swirl paper: Woodland by The Hidden Heart
-photo mat: 4 X 6 ArtsyKardz Traveler by Anna Aspnes
-sun: ArtPlay Palette Bask by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Hurry Up, Switzerland Narrow

Saturday, March 9, 2013

More daily photos

For the O's 7th birthday we can do seven days of photos. I've got lots from today and have one really interesting one of a poor barn.
1. March 9:

2. March 10: We took a brief look at Lake View this afternoon. It had clouded up a bit for a while giving me a moody skyline photo.

3. March 11: Twelve of the 30 plus Common Grackles calling and displaying in the trees around our yard on this rainy day.

4. March 12: I completely forgot about photos until after dark. Here is a shot along a city parking lot of some of the local spots. Taken with a long exposure, the bright lights are over-exposed.

5. March 13: This is during one of the brief snow flurries today. So far the snow has melted between, but more will probably come down tonight.

6. March 14: Enjoying the brilliant sunshine though it was still in the 30s.

7. March 15: Gray day again and I'm home working on a genealogy presentation as tomorrow's scheduled speaker cannot be there. A male House Sparrow isn't a desired critter, but at least he sat still for me.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Painting My Photo

A wonderful tutorial and beautiful inspiration kicked off last Friday's AnnaLift. The tutorial was even one I could follow in Paint Shop Pro (PSP), often not the case. The result looks like a painting of my photo from a park along a river. It was late November, but we could sit on a bench along the river in the sunlight. I'm still amazed at how still the water was to create such reflections.
Designer Credits:
Lift based on 'harbor' by Ang
using tutorial by Chris Asbury
kits by Anna Aspnes:
-background: ArtPlay Palette Salty Living
-card: ArtsyKardz H20
-transfer: ArtPlay Palette Vitality
-overlay: GoldPaint Overlays No. 1
-line: ArtPlay Palette Socialize
fonts: Dali, BenguiatGot Bk BT