Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Wedding Guest

I was inspired by Deb's royal wedding keepsake page to create a page for my favorite photo of one of the celebrity attendees at yesterday's British royal wedding. The beautiful young woman is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. I think she looks wonderful, love her hat and am pleased it doesn't look like it came on a space ship. I was impressed too looking at the way she is holding the hand of her husband. They were married just last June and their romance is quite a story.
Designer Credits:
-papers, flower: Home Sweet Home by Maya de Groot
-mat: Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
-stamp: Inscribed by Fei-fei's Stuff
font: Koala

Friday, April 29, 2011

March 2011 Revisited (Project 12)

Even though it is the end of April, I've only just finished my pages for the month of March. With everything turning green now, I needed to really think about my photos to remember what March felt like. I tried a different approach to the design with feature photos on one side and a template for a lot of little ones facing it. I think for this month of back and forth weather it worked well.

Here are the separate pages that you can click on see larger:

If the journaling is too small to read, here it is again: We had lots of snow in March but it took turns with nice days that led to spring blooms although the daffodils only made it to the bud stage. At least the snow never lasted long. I had the usual in genealogy meetings but we didn't get out birding very much. We did see spring arrivals on the lake and really enjoyed a lot of singing Fox Sparrows. Every Monday I was happy to attend class in collage journaling with a super pair of classmates. I spent a lot of time during ten of these days on the birthday celebration of a digital scrapbooking site. The last day of March found me at the state genealogical conference, a favorite time of the year.
Designer Credits:
-background: Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
-mat (also used as mask), word art: Sketchbook Artistry no. 1 by Sue Cummings
-template for right side: taylored page no. 7 by TaylorMade Designs
-some papers, border, bird (recolored): Primavera by Maya de Groot
-some papers, clouds: Home Sweet Home by Maya de Groot
-some papers: i remember you by Biograffiti
-dark blue paper: Ohana by Biograffiti
fonts: Girls are Weird, Dawn Castle, Lithograph

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Tree Display

The last of the monthly challenges for me is based on a web inspiration. I had no idea how to relate to it for the longest time even though others did great things with it. Then it suddenly struck me that it would be perfect for displaying a bit of family tree. I've just been working on my ancestors named Scott, so here are the ones I know, generations numbered back from me as no. 1.
Designer Credits: 
-background, trees, word art: Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
-tapes, circles: Sketchbook Artistry no. 1 by Sue Cummings
-alpha (recolored): Happy To Be Me by Lydia K Designs
fonts: Hans Hand, Kristen ITC

Friday, April 22, 2011

Owl in the Details

I couldn't resist this title! After our anniversary dinner we spotted small carvings just inside the door. On one side it was an owl so I had to get its picture. I used it for a color challenge that had to include all four colors: nearly black and white, a tan and a nice blue. The colors are even similar to what I used for the dinner layout.
Designer Credits:
-pale background: Like Home by Fei-fei's Stuff
-blue paper, flower: Ohana by Biograffiti
-leaves: Shimmer by Kitty Designs
-dark paper: Solid and Understated by TaylorMade Designs
-brown paper: Winter Escape from Creations by tinamarie
fonts: LatinWidD, Kastler, Circus

Neat Bird Photos of Dick's

While I was off at the genealogy conference Dick got to look for and find an uncommon visitor here, an Eared Grebe. They are small diving birds vaguely related to loons. In April it was sporting its spiffy breeding plumage. I used two of his pictures in a copycat or template challenge.
Designer Credits:
-copycat template by Chris based on "... best things in life" by neat freak
-background, both word arts: Sketchbook Artistry no. 1 by Sue Cummings
-birds: Family Ties by Fei-fei's Stuff
-square scatter: Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
-circle trail: Trail It by Merkeley Designs
font: harrison

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raccoon in its winter home

I've photographed a raccoon in this hollow a number of times before but last month was the first time I got a shot of its face looking out. I thought it made a nice addition to a designer spotlight challenge for house or home.
Designer Credits:
-papers, house frame, word art: Home Sweet Home Add On by Maya de Groot
-spiral: Primavera by Maya de Groot
-flower: Oscraps collab TrOpical by kwilson
fonts: Celtic Hand, Century Gothic

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Latest Anniversary

We had a lovely evening at Rockefeller's, a new local restaurant in what was a fancy bank to celebrate our 43rd anniversary.
Designer Credits:
-patterned background, journaling mat, watch, staples: Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
-you & me WA: i remember you by Biograffiti
-flower: First Street by Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium
fonts: Dauphin, Cupertino

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funny Photo from March

The neighbors have a big bunny and a very small one staked into their yard, but when they were first put up the big one fell down on the job and stayed that way for a while. Now he is back up, but turns with the wind. Today there are finally daffodils in bloom! In a chat last night we had a lovely layout selected to lift and I had to use my bunny photo for it.
Lift of "Niece & Nephews" by MichelleL
Family Tree by Joanne Brisebois
mask, paper on right (blended): Sketchbook Artistry No. 1 by Sue Cummings
fonts: Capture It, Erie Light

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snowdrops fading, daffodils soon...

Yesterday I photographed the snowdrops at my sister's quick before they're gone. Maybe tomorrow there will be daffodil buds opening next door. Actually there is a camera challenge to photograph three or any odd number of things. It was interesting to move in close on the snowdrops where I got a picture of five blooms.

Designers Credits:
-papers: Sketchbook Artistry No. 1 by Sue Cummings
-stitching, rings: i remember you by Biograffiti
-button: The Gift by Fei-fei's Stuff
-leaves: Stamp My Heart by Kitty Designs
fonts: Biondi, Classic, Erie Light

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

View of City Lights

Last weekend I attended the Ohio Genealogical Society's conference in Columbus. My hotel room had a lovely view of the capitol and downtown and at night it looked quite wonderful. Here is a page created with a template meant to encourage cluster creation.
Designer Credits:
-patterned background, light gray paper, yellow splat, frame: i remember you by Biograffiti
-dark gray background: Primavera by Maya de Groot
-light blue paper: Everyday by Ashalee Wall
-label: Happy To Be Me by LydiaK
-straight stitching: Fallen Sun by TaylorMade Designs
-leaf: Let Love Be Your Energy by ZuzanaH Designs
-star disk: Winter Escape from Creations by tinamarie
-paper for star: Just Breathe by Vicki Stegall
-black paper: Solid and Understated by TaylorMade Designs
-button, zig zag stitching: The Gift by Fei-fei's Stuff
fonts: Liberty BT, Cloister Open Face BT, Kabana Book, Beehive