Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Butterflies as Punctuation?

There are two angle wing butterflies named for white markings on their underwings that look like a comma and a question mark. Here are photographs of one of each of them. First is a new page about a Comma.
We found this one at a rest stop along the highway, possibly newly out of its cocoon.
Designer Credits:
Retro Designs: Shabby Chic Rooms, Part 1
fonts: Chicago House, Kristen ITC, Corbel

Next is a Question Mark from our yard last summer.

We are always happy to see a Question Mark in our yard and one stopped long enough for some photos. It was very worn but still looked good to me. I quoted the diagnostic mark from the field guide.
Designers Credits:
Home Grown Garden (April 2010 Club Deco kit)
-darker blue paper: Jen Hanson
-lighter blue grid paper, light green paper for mats: Jennifer Rassi
-green squares paper: Deb Ammerman
-green circle paper: RoseMadeDesigns
-brad: Theta
-glitter: New Lifes Dream - Moon is a Star
font: Papyrus

Clematis Seasons

Winter views of our clematis as we will soon be seeing it and a spring view of its early growth.

It doesn't take long to go from tender shoots to full glorious bloom! This is an old plant that was here over 30 years ago when we bought the house, so we have no idea how long it's been here. It blooms a long time and then spends early autumn still green, gradually turning colors then drying to brown. It keeps most of those shriveled leaves through the winter until we trim it in time for those new shoots once more. As always, don't forget to click on the images to see them full size, then hit the back button to return.
Designer Credits: (only for the 1st, winter LO, I'm afraid)
-buff paper: Waite for the Moment Designs - Candid Camera (Jan 2010 Club Deco kit)
-patterned paper: Theta - Candid Camera
-dark blue paper (blended): RoseMadeDesigns - Candid Camera
-gray paper: Wildcat Designs - Copper Mist
-line element (recolored), flower: Ange Designs - A Sweet Year
fonts: MC Sweetie Hearts, Calibri

Monday, November 29, 2010

Clematis Fading Out With November

I scrap photos of this clematis all year round; this is the almost dried up version at the end of November.
I had posted many versions at Deco-Pages and at one point had the four seasons linked together. I'll have to find that favorite four and post them here.
Designer Credits: 
-gray papers: Chaos Lounge - November Freebie
-frame: Chaos Lounge - Nov. CC
-buff paper, stitching: Thaliris - October Festivities, Part 5
-tag: Fanette Design - October Festivities, Part 5
-glitter: Melcréa - October Festivities, Part 6
-word art: Sekada Designs - October Festivities, Part 6
font: Amienne

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hairy Woodpecker layout redesigned

In September of 2008 when I was taking a photo a day and scrapping it I was fortunate enough to get some pictures of a Hairy Woodpecker in our yard. At that time I did a layout with them for that month's color challenge using very vivid colors. I've sometimes thought it would be nice to redo it with more natural tones. I've just given it a try with this result:
I kept the photos pretty much as they were and did a design much like the original but with very different colors and an earthier look. The lower left photo is a little hard to interpret, but it is the bird in flight with its back to the camera.
Designer credits: Sugarplum Paperie - Heart of Thankfullness; fonts: Wilderness, Switzerland Narrow

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fascinated by feathers

Oscraps has a color challenge this month in which the only requirement is that the layout be done in just two colors (NOT black and white). I had fun with one in green and purple, but thought I'd have another go at the concept. This time I've worked in green and brown, pretty natural colors for me.
I always am drawn to fallen feathers, even ones like this that come from gulls or geese.
Designers Credits:
-background paper: Lydia Designs - Party On Oscrap blog train
-green paper: Fei-fei's Stuff - Party On
-pale paper: ninascraps designs - Party On
-maple seeds: ZuzanaH Designs - FALLing in Love free sampler
-design: Ashalee Wall - Fresh Start
fonts: Earwig Factory, Snell Bd BT, Stereofidelic

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bird Layouts Remembered

These are a few of the layouts I've done in the past from photographs my husband or I have taken of birds. Remember to click on the images to see them full size. The gull photograph is from Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, in the winter. It was done with my own little kit, Hollywood Couture.

A New Look Back: 1968

Biograffiti has a challenge to scrap about our favorite song. Certainly one of my favorites is the song by Cream, "Sunshine of Your Love" which is sort of "our" song from back when it was new in 1968. This photo is one of a set taken in September of that year by my friend and fellow art school student, Cathy Burnett. When he saw this page, Dick asked: "Is that really us?" Well, forty-two years ago, yes!
Designer credits: kit Happy to be Me by Lydia Designs, word art by Biograffiti.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Digital Scrapbook Layouts

I have been creating scrapbook pages digitally for over four years. I spent most of that time at the site called Deco-Pages but it closed on November 11th. I'm currently posting at Oscraps, but want to share through my own blog as well.
Designer credits:
kit is Fresh Start by Ashalee Wall
alpha is from Happy to be Me by Lydia Designs
font is Vintage