Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Drawing #63 - Wicked

Perhaps it's that Halloween is almost here, but it seems I chose a bit from an elementary reader with the words "wicked ogre" giving my drawing the title "Wicked." There is usually hidden writing in my designs and here they're all about the word wicked. The lines that began the drawing were inspired by a photo I took of some leaves in the neighborhood. I include them, but it isn't a very close relationship once I get going. Fun here was having new colored pencils (they were on sale!) and a new (to me) kind of marker on a 9" x 12" sketchbook I got in Oklahoma in May. So, happy spooking to you all with my latest,

and the leaf photo:

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Still Scrapbooking Too

I see I've only posted drawings for some time but I've been doing the old digital scrapbook pages all along. I've put together a book of images from our May trip to Oklahoma. I've got a couple of other recent pages that I rather like.

The first is in response to a challenge to create an "art doll." It was a novel concept to me but I had a very immediate idea. It seems a little ominous looking back knowing that soon after I spent a week ill, for much of the time not knowing why. Everything turned out fine, but I wonder how it relates to the page.

Second is one with photos I took of Buff-breasted Sandpipers a very long time ago. It results in part from Dick having all our old slides scanned last year. Hope you enjoy them.

Designer Credits:
by Maya de Groot
-arm, stitched frame, paper piece, gesso: Art Doll It Yourself Freebie
-background, legs, circles, red arch, corners, rectangles, buttons, wings: Passion for Paper
-border: Zen & the Art of: Borders
-lace, leaf: Travelers Treasure Box
-crow: Miss Luna
-face (from angel), flower, tag: Christmoose
-alpha: Altered Cutouts Alpha
fonts: Courtney Dorkling, Problem Secretary

 Designer Credits:
by Blue Flower Art
-background, envelope, flower, tape: Letters From Far Away
-ribbon, string, paint: Across Time
-pale paper: Imari
fonts: Vtks Boutique, Ziggy Zoe, Minya Nouvelle

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drawing #62 - Osage

I began this piece in Oklahoma in May and named it for the county where we always like to go birding in the prairies. We found a mostly dry day to do that but I think the saturation of rain during our stay is somewhat reflected in the amount of color beyond my usual. I've worked in fits and starts and finally reached a conclusion today. I do have others in the works and the cooler weather may be conducive to getting at them. This is the usual collection of inks and pens, paint, pencil and collage.