Monday, May 16, 2011

More blooms on our hibiscus

Our hibiscus didn't bloom over the winter indoors though it grew a good bit. The first of April it went back onto our enclosed upstairs porch where it gets lots of light. It promptly showed two buds which opened on May 2 and May 9. It is such a delight. Hope it will make more buds and bloom over the summer. The photo effect incorporates reduced saturation, pencil effect and blending.
Designer Credits:
-template 110510: freebie by Dumpty
-darkest paper, hearts: Home Sweet Home by Maya de Groot
-all other papers, word art: Rachel by Lydia Designs
fonts: EngravrsRoman BT, First Order Shadow


  1. Quite a change in mood from your last page. If anything could cheer you up in rainy weather your lovely hibiscus must. Your page is beautifully constructed. The tiny orange sparkles break up the plain background so well and seem to come from the flower itself.

  2. Very artistic the effects used on your photo and your playful title!