Saturday, March 9, 2013

More daily photos

For the O's 7th birthday we can do seven days of photos. I've got lots from today and have one really interesting one of a poor barn.
1. March 9:

2. March 10: We took a brief look at Lake View this afternoon. It had clouded up a bit for a while giving me a moody skyline photo.

3. March 11: Twelve of the 30 plus Common Grackles calling and displaying in the trees around our yard on this rainy day.

4. March 12: I completely forgot about photos until after dark. Here is a shot along a city parking lot of some of the local spots. Taken with a long exposure, the bright lights are over-exposed.

5. March 13: This is during one of the brief snow flurries today. So far the snow has melted between, but more will probably come down tonight.

6. March 14: Enjoying the brilliant sunshine though it was still in the 30s.

7. March 15: Gray day again and I'm home working on a genealogy presentation as tomorrow's scheduled speaker cannot be there. A male House Sparrow isn't a desired critter, but at least he sat still for me.

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  1. Wonderful collection of photos...I miss using my camera creatively. Mostly snaps of grandchildren these days. Love them all and trying to pick a favorite. I have always loved falling barns and take pictures of any I come across...they always make me wonder the history they hold. The light dusting of snow is very artistic. Love the camoflauge effect of the brick wall, branch, berries, and bird. Thanks for sharing though it took me a while to make it to your blog.