Friday, August 9, 2013

Drawing #41 - Who Ate the Spider?

Who Ate the Spider? Or WAS it eaten?

Our cabin on a birding tour to Tikal boasted some wildlife within as well as outside. Located in dense forest in the center of a large Guatemalan preserve of famous Mayan ruins, we had an incredible immersion in central American nature. Our first stay we had a large, harmless spider up in the rafters for a few days. One morning a large cockroach arrived up there too. We never saw the spider again. We've always wondered.

This drawing reminded me of that spider. It is from the new 8 x 10 sketchbook. Please click on it to see it larger.

At least it isn't the scorpion! One evening we returned to the cabin after wandering a bit in the dark with our two tour leaders. We'd hoped to spot the jaguar that had been seen earlier. What we thought we were going to do if we encountered it, I do not know. Back inside our room we found a large scorpion on the wall. Our intrepid leaders were summoned and they managed to capture and release it well away from our doors. One nice feature of the room was hanging our clothes in a free-standing wardrobe with DOORS. It was several inches above the floor so that shoes could be stored inside as well. Don't let these thoughts give a less than glowing appreciation of our stays in Tikal.

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  1. Another wonderful drawing Jean. I loved hearing about your adventures. I'm not crazy about spiders, as long as they aren't in my house, I am ok with them. I love how these drawings give us the opportunity to meditate and remember experiences. I love the colors you used in this one. :)