Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drawing #45 - 73 Prime

My mother's elementary primer again yields fragments including a key to the title. The number 73 is prominent and is notable as a prime number. Using the newest sketchbook I find it holds paint as well as collage and inks. Colored pencils are still a useful addition.


  1. This looks wonderful Jean! I love how you use your Mom's Primer in your artwork. I think I read in one of your notes that you were talking to other artists about planning a show? Are you going to show some of your works? I love your color choices and you know I love the swirls and curls in your mental landscapes. Another fabulous artwork!

  2. I´ve just been looking through your gallery of mental landscapes thinking you really deserve a far wider audience for these amazing works of art. I do hope you´ll exhibit them, not just because they´re so breathtakingly beautiful but also because they´re so unlike anything I´ve ever seen before and the inspiration for each of them is unique although there´s – to me – a hidden avian theme running through them all which I find fascinating. I imagine, though, that each viewer will see something new but equally riveting. This latest one is as striking as all the others. I´d so love to see the originals.