Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Drawing #50 - Emergence

I don't know all the things that may be emerging, but it is clear to me that they are about to pop. This one began on our trip but needed to get home for some paint.

I'm also excited as I now have a book with all my blog posts (save 2) of my drawings from their infancy to the present. There are companies that specialize in creating books from blogs. I've done them once for each of my genealogy blogs. On the way home, on the last day for a 15% discount, I realized I could limit the design blog posts to those for my drawings and put it together in the motel that night. It arrived on Monday. Color reproduction isn't really the best, but I'm so pleased to have a printed history of the development of my "mental landscapes."

1 comment:

  1. Love your new artwork! I love all the curves and swirls. What ever is "emerging", it feels positive and full of wonderful energy to me. The blog printout book sounds wonderful too! What a great keepsake of your artistic journey with the mental landscapes!