Saturday, March 14, 2015

Celebrating Blue Sky

The last day of February we had brilliant sun and blue sky. Visiting Lake View I took photos but espeically liked small seedpods against that sky. A challenge this month called for using a certain technique (that I don't seem to have in PaintShopPro) to remove an unwanted bit of a photo. I had bits of (out of focus) twigs from another plant that I didn't want. Here's my celebration of that blue sky and the before and after photos..

Designer Credits:
by Studio Romy
-papers, bead, scallop border: Naturally
-frame, stitching, overlays: Painterly
-button, circles, doodle: New Beginning
fonts: Dali, Harrington, Corbel



  1. Simply stunning. Beautiful spring-like colours and lovely textures. This is something to gladden the heart at the end of a dreary winter.

  2. Love your page, and Loving that Spring is finally here! :)