Monday, May 16, 2016

Drawing #69 - Come Back Safe

This month and the last of April have been exciting. This is the fourth drawing completed and a new one is taking shape. #69 has been in the works for a long time progressing only in fits and starts. I began a new, even larger, drawing and when I began to apply a little watercolor to it, I looked at the other and suddenly saw how it was begging for more color. That was easy with watercolor and collage followed quickly. That provided the title (although it actually reads "comes back safe") that seemed to be what one would need from exploring the drawing. More work on this drawing seemed to bring it all out. So, follow into it, but please, heed the title! The collage is from an old, deteriorating book of Tennyson's "The Princess." The drawing is on 12 x 16" watercolor paper. This is the largest size, except for one, I've done these drawings.

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