Friday, April 27, 2012

More Joy in Scribbling

I'm working on my big drawing, but just felt a need for a quick outlet while listening to an online session. I turned to the Scribbler that I dabbled with a while back (see here.) I've done a new scribble and think it looks like a glow in space. It was very fun to do.
Thanks for everyone's comments on the drawing using the stamps. I'll definitely revisit that source of collage.


  1. The white in your scribbler drawing looks so luminous! (I think that's the right word). It makes it look like the drawing is back-lit! Very cool! I like it alot!

  2. Love the glow that's peeking out...makes me think of the morning sunshine peeking through the trees in my backyard and causing spots of glowing foliage among the darker shadowed ones. In this case with the golden colors, it would be more of a fall image than what I'm seeing this morning out my study window. Great effects with this one!

  3. My first impression was of a cave, a very silent and soothing cave with light filtering through and maybe just the occasional drip of water. Wherever it is, it´s a place I´d like to linger in for a while. The colours are beautiful.