Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Sail Redone

This week there is another makeover challenge with a summer theme. For some reason I really wanted to work on a page from four years ago of a sailboat on a July evening. At the time this is what I said about it: "After working hard all day we took off for the lake this evening and saw lots of interesting birds and this sailboat heading into the reflected sun on the water." The new version slightly reminds me of Turner watercolors and their "tinted steam." Here are the before and after versions.
Designer Credits:
-background: Pam Lefors - Rustic Orange Paper Pack
-bracket shapes: Dana Conditt - A Little Independence Bracket Album
-flower doodles, staples: Fran - Euphorbia mini kit
-cord: Kalina - Adventurine mini kit
fonts: HansHand, Bahamas, Mystical, Alte Caps
Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-background, fish button, overlay stretch: ArtPlay Palette Vitality
-photo mask: ArtPlay Vitality FotoBlendz
-overlay, brush: Oscraps Collab DandeliOn
-map: Travel USA No. 1 BrushSet
-overlay lines: SkinnyLined Overlays No. 2
fonts: HansHand, Lemon Chicken, GoudyOlSt BT


  1. What a beautiful and evocative photo. The sparkle on the water is wonderful. I can almost hear the cry of the gulls. Your before version is very calm and soothing but your after page is a marvellous colourful celebration of summer by the sea. It makes me long for my holiday on the coast.

  2. What interesting results to this challenge...the after definitely looks like a watercolor painting and love the addition of the map. Now that I see them both, the boat in the before seems trapped in the photo whereas the after gives the feel it could just go one forever.