Friday, June 1, 2012

Loving Butterflies

Last month's copycat challenge was a beautiful inspiration and template. I did it with photos of a Mourning Cloak butterfly that was very cooperative. Everyone did beautiful things with this one.
Designer Credits:
-template: May Copycat Challenge by Elisa (EHDesigns) based on "sail away" by ViVre
-papers: ArtPlay Palette Wild Paperie by Anna Aspnes
-button: Life As I Know It by Vera Lim Designs
fonts: LoosieScript, Blue Highway


  1. What a lovely misty other-worldly feel you´ve created around the butterfly. It´s as if you´ve made a little universe especially for it.

    I find your page particularly poignant because we have very few butterflies in our garden this summer. I imagine that the unexpected night frosts in March after a long period of sunshine which killed one of my butterfly bushes also affected the butterfly population. It´s got to the stage where even the common - and destructive - cabbage white is a welcome visitor.