Saturday, July 7, 2012

Panoramas, another make-over

The camera challenge this month at Oscraps is to create a panorama with at least two photos. I did one with new photos, but wanted to tackle a makeover of an old one too. In part I wanted to tell more of the story on the page. As a result, you'll really have to click on its image to read the text. Here is the new version.
Designer Credits:
-graph paper: Oscraps Collab Tango
-brown paper, screw, dots: Oscraps Collab Homespun
-stitching: Aero Toni by Maya de Groot
-transfer under map: ArtPlay Palette Family by Anna Aspnes
-brush: ArtPlay Palette Great Outdoors by Anna Aspnes
-silver splash: Paint Silver No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Chalk, Boopee, Pea Beth

And then the original which I did in 2007 with designs of my own.

Also, here is another from Lake View from the very hot 4th of July that I did for the challenge.
Designer Credits:
-papers, elements: Oscraps Collab DandeliOn Days
-photo assembly: FotoTransfers No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Enchanted Prairie Dog, Pea Anderson, Lithograph


  1. I like your new panorama photo page... much more room to add text details, and the photo stands out more without the dark colors and photo you had of the wheat growing. Love your layout from 4th of July, it sure was a hot one wasn't it! We ended up going to a movie that day to stay cool and have a little entertainment.

  2. Always interesting to see your remakes...and I do like the 2nd one. Oh how we do evolve right along with digital scrapping in general. Also liked the additional info included in your journaling. Great work with your panorama 4th page. Cool mask of your Mallard photo. I actually thought about you on the 4th...was on the lake with the grands fishing that morning and pointed out to them a duck which flew by very close to the water. Birds always make me think of you.

  3. Love those panoramas! I´ve got a programme which stitches photos together but it isn´t compatible with the 64 bit system I have now. And, talking of stitching, I like the way the ribbon you used in the first LO stitches the photo and the text together and also gives the car an alternative route to travel. As for the melting mallards, if I were a duck I wouldn´t be standing around melting but swimming in that very inviting looking lake!