Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite Teachers

There's a special topic just now on school days. One question asked was about favorite teachers. I did pages for my top two favorites and just have to post them here as they went away with the former site.

Here is my current post: I've done pages for two favorites teachers. One was my 2nd grade teacher who was so kind but still got us to work. Then there was my math teacher who taught three of my four years of high school math. He encouraged me and pushed me to apply to a summer math program & I got in. It was wonderful. One other teacher stands out as special. She taught 9th grade general science. She made everything so very interesting.


  1. Enjoyed seeing and reading both of these pages. Interestingly, there's a school near me that was call the Butternut School in years past and now houses one grade level of the consolidated Wylie School. Love how you added the "math" words to the background and seeing you school days photos!

  2. I wonder if these pages were originally at Deco-Pages because I seem to remember that you often used this particular combination of colours. The slightly faded green and purple work really well together in this context and give the impression of times past as if you´d kept your memories in lavender. Altogether a lovely tribute to your favourite teachers who obviously made a lasting impression.

  3. Helen, you are quite right that these were at Deco-Pages. Every so often I want to show off pages I did back then. To do that I now post them in this blog. I've gotten totally lazy about posting my new pages here though.