Monday, November 19, 2012

Drawing #33 - Riding Glory

I began this one long ago in the small format of my 7 x 10 inch sketchbook and finally finished it. I love the excitement and motion that fill it. Do click on the image to see it larger.
If you are interested in the origin of my drawings, you might want to call this "An Exuberance of Chocolate" as the collage elements feature the wrapper of a bite-size Special Dark chocolate bar by Hershey's that my sister regularly stocks up on. Anything chocolate (especially dark) has to be cause for celebration! On the other hand, Dick sees an eruption of a flock of birds, possibly rosy finches.


  1. I've missed seeing your works... now that the weather is starting to turn cool again, and you are forced to spend time indoors, perhaps we will see more from you? It's a wonderful collage Jean, how could it not be with chocolate. Did you use a calligraphy pen on this one? Some of the beautiful marks in this remind me them. Fabulous job! :)

  2. I did get a new set of calligraphy pens as my old ones (VERY old) are pretty well clogged with ink. I still use fine point nibs and the gold ink is applied with the dropper the bottle came with. It is so fun using that to get the gold. I really hope to be back in the groove. I had gathered items for a large size piece and as soon as I finished this one, started applying them to a new one. So, hopefully!

  3. This is fascinating. I see something new every time I look at it...and, yes, I see lots of birds too though I can´t identify them, they´re flying so fast. In fact they´re in such a hurry that some of them have left floating feathers behind them.