Friday, July 4, 2014

Drawing #57 - Sharks May Smile

Sharks may smile...but even worse if they do, don't you think? Dick suggested the image might more resemble a Moray eel, but I was set on sharks. In my youth I had trainees who called me the smiling barracuda, so maybe that is coming around again. I so enjoy seeing what emerges in my drawings! This and a large piece have been in the works for a long time, so I'm really happy this one is ready. Enjoy!

Hope to be back soon with the weekly image pages through June.


  1. This is wonderful Jean! Matthew got me hooked on watching "Merlin" ... on Netflix. I watched all five seasons, so I am sure that is why I am seeing candle sticks, fire balls in flight and serpents in your drawing! lol. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. :)

  2. I'm so glad you have posted another one of your drawings, they are so interesting and full of life. I see dinosaurs with teeth and for some reason - lots of grass.

  3. I´d be tempted to call this The Singing Dolphin because what you probably see as teeth look very much like a musical score to me, all the more so because I can see the word Medley directly above it. Not at all frightening, just beautifully done as always. By the way, I can also see a couple of hippos in there, apparently not at all put off by the salt water. One of them´s eating seaweed which is also strange but this does not reflect so much on your lovely drawing as on my bizarre psyche!