Monday, May 28, 2012

Treasured Childhood Memory

A journaling challenge this month calls for a treasured childhood memory. It made me think of a really superb experience my parents provided when I was ten. The took me by train (my father worked for the railroad) to Utah and Colorado, fabulous places for a flatland child. Their goal was a national iris convention in Salt Lake City but we did lots of other things. All these years later the sights and memories of that trip are bright. They also gave me my very own camera as a birthday present shortly before the trip. I've scanned some of the snapshots from that camera for my memory page. Don't forget to click on the image to see it larger.
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  1. Fabulous page of your photos from the trip and your treasured childhood memories. When Jeff and I were first married we lived in Colorado, in Lakewood, the foothills of Denver. I've been to the places you mentioned, and treasure the memories too.... I have some photos of the capital lit up for Christmas somewhere, and I loved the Garden of the Gods! :)

  2. Isn´t it amazing how happy childhood memories remain with us forever? Your page with its joyful sunny colours is a wonderful example of this. And it´s probable that the camera and the trip itself inspired your interest in photography. I see from these photos that you were a good little photographer even at the age of ten.