Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014: January's 1st (short) week

The first four days of January were snowy but not that unpleasant. It's only after this short week that we had to deal with the frigid air and really disagreeable weather. We did survive both snow and cold though so how can I complain?

Designer Credits:
-kit: Oscraps Collab: It's A Wonderful Life
-white frame: Gwenifer by Jopke Designs
-photo edge: Surround It No. 1 by Merkely Designs
-number tag: itty bitty dates no. 8 by Biograffiti
fonts: Chalk, Mufferaw, Dawn Castle, (tag: Lithograph, Erie Contour)

1 comment:

  1. I don´t like snow but I can imagine how the unexpected sight of these three patient ladies holding up what looks very like part of an exotic wedding cake could stop you in your tracks and make you reach for your camera. The gulls seem to be enduring it with stoicism but I´m sure they were longing for some nice warm sand to heat up their feet.