Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drawing #62 - Osage

I began this piece in Oklahoma in May and named it for the county where we always like to go birding in the prairies. We found a mostly dry day to do that but I think the saturation of rain during our stay is somewhat reflected in the amount of color beyond my usual. I've worked in fits and starts and finally reached a conclusion today. I do have others in the works and the cooler weather may be conducive to getting at them. This is the usual collection of inks and pens, paint, pencil and collage.


  1. This is fascinating with its bold black lines like Japanese calligraphy and its delicate tracery of curlicues. The first thing I saw before I enlarged it was, oddly enough, a cockerel or at least its beady eye and bright red comb. Maybe I´m just used to finding birds in your landscapes. This time though it´s mostly foliage and your crafty use of the map is so well integrated it escaped me for some time. Beautifully done. Your mind does go on some interesting journeys. Welcome back, Jean.

  2. It great to see you post again! Well, my first thought was - My, this one shouts owl, but I wonder what else is in it.