Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Drawing #63 - Wicked

Perhaps it's that Halloween is almost here, but it seems I chose a bit from an elementary reader with the words "wicked ogre" giving my drawing the title "Wicked." There is usually hidden writing in my designs and here they're all about the word wicked. The lines that began the drawing were inspired by a photo I took of some leaves in the neighborhood. I include them, but it isn't a very close relationship once I get going. Fun here was having new colored pencils (they were on sale!) and a new (to me) kind of marker on a 9" x 12" sketchbook I got in Oklahoma in May. So, happy spooking to you all with my latest,

and the leaf photo:


  1. I like the boldness of the lines you have made with your new marker. New art materials are so fun to experiment with and on sale too, you scored! The contrast of your starting point to finished collage intrigues me with the metamorphosis, interesting. To me, this piece looks like a dog... maybe it's the one that runs with the headless horseman ;)

  2. wow!! I love seeing how art takes you in a totally unexpected direction and this is gorgeous!

  3. I love your ominous landscape and that spooky spiky writing. Together with its unsettling thick black lines it´s just perfect for the real Halloween. Even the soft pastel colours can´t fool us into believing that this is anything but menacing.