Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Butterflies as Punctuation?

There are two angle wing butterflies named for white markings on their underwings that look like a comma and a question mark. Here are photographs of one of each of them. First is a new page about a Comma.
We found this one at a rest stop along the highway, possibly newly out of its cocoon.
Designer Credits:
Retro Designs: Shabby Chic Rooms, Part 1
fonts: Chicago House, Kristen ITC, Corbel

Next is a Question Mark from our yard last summer.

We are always happy to see a Question Mark in our yard and one stopped long enough for some photos. It was very worn but still looked good to me. I quoted the diagnostic mark from the field guide.
Designers Credits:
Home Grown Garden (April 2010 Club Deco kit)
-darker blue paper: Jen Hanson
-lighter blue grid paper, light green paper for mats: Jennifer Rassi
-green squares paper: Deb Ammerman
-green circle paper: RoseMadeDesigns
-brad: Theta
-glitter: New Lifes Dream - Moon is a Star
font: Papyrus


  1. These are beautiful, Jean, and the journalling is so interesting. I´ve got both of these butterflies in my garden every summer and I can hardly wait for them to appear again on my buddleia so that I can inspect the underside of their wings! And what unusual and striking use of my kit for the comma. Thank you for allowing me to post your layouts in my blog. Off to get this one in...

  2. Your pages are fantastic Jean! What wonderful photos of the butterflies! I never knew they had those marks on their wing undersides! Very interesting! I have learned so much about nature from you over the years! What a gem you are! I love your color choices for both pages! Great photos!