Monday, November 29, 2010

Clematis Fading Out With November

I scrap photos of this clematis all year round; this is the almost dried up version at the end of November.
I had posted many versions at Deco-Pages and at one point had the four seasons linked together. I'll have to find that favorite four and post them here.
Designer Credits: 
-gray papers: Chaos Lounge - November Freebie
-frame: Chaos Lounge - Nov. CC
-buff paper, stitching: Thaliris - October Festivities, Part 5
-tag: Fanette Design - October Festivities, Part 5
-glitter: Melcréa - October Festivities, Part 6
-word art: Sekada Designs - October Festivities, Part 6
font: Amienne


  1. Lovely muted colours, Jean, and the heading is so well done to show autumn fading. I expect your clematis leaves, like mine, are covered in snow by now. Your page makes me wish I could turn back the clock.

  2. I also like the muted colors of your layout, and the way you tilted the frame element! Another wonderful photo of your clematis, My hands feel as dry as those leaves are! LOL... I hate winter! Helen, we don't have snow right now, I doubt if Jean does either, she usually gets it after I do, it's been pretty cold though!