Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Pages and beyond (Project 12)

I'm keeping up (just barely) with doing a two-page spread for each month. Just finished the pages for February and am very happy to move beyond the ice and snow!
Don't forget to click on the single page images to see more detail and maybe read the text.

Journaling reads:
Ice and snow, ice and snow, February began with more of ice and snow. The snow piled up and ice formed. A thin coating of snow on an icy driveway showed deer tracks plainly. Ice dams formed in the gutters then killer icicles fell. Mid-month a warm up cleared it mostly away but the 20th snow began turning to freezing rain coating everything. Sunlight on the ice created a sparkling fairyland. A foot of snow fell the 25th.

February was more than ice and snow. I started another session of collage journaling on the 7th and don't forget Valentine's Day! Dick's oat bran muffins kept coming and genealogy meetings were always on tap. Thankfully I felt well finally after the January cold or whatever. We warmed up enough to see some spring flowers and enjoy being outside. When the cold returned we even found four Mute Swans and Bald Eagles on the lake.
Designer Credits:
-papers, circular mat, button, bow, circular frame: Love Poppies by Celine Designs
-snowflakes: Winter Escape by Creations by Tinamarie
-date tag: itty bitty dates no. 7 by Biograffiti
fonts: Amienne, Lithograph
I've also done the third installment of the Oscrap's members spotlight scraplift and this time I'm featuring an aspect of Spring! Yesterday a clump of crocus next door had a ton of flowers all in bloom at once. It looked great and I hope this captures that feeling of exuberance.
Designer Credits:
life of LO photo no 53 by neat freak (Lorraine)
-paper, flowers, border: Sunrise.Sunset by Fei-fei's Stuff
-frame: Family Ties by Fei-fei's Stuff
font: harrison


  1. They´re wonderful! That lovely lilac and brilliant yellow seem to capture the very essence of spring.

  2. You´re so prolific, Jean, I can hardly keep up with you! I´ve only just noticed that you posted all 3 of these pages at the same time.

    As for February, speaking for myself, it was one of those months I´d really rather forget but you´ve managed to capture some great memories from the exotic swans to the more mundane muffins. On the whole I´d rather remember the advent of the crocuses and their promise of more spring flowers to come but even February clouds have a silver lining.

  3. Another eventful month you have scrapped. I for one have enjoyed your ice and snow photos and LOs...though I do understand being excited that spring is coming! Just walked around outside and it is gorgeous. Light breeze and warm sunny blue skies. Wonderful contrast to the wind and brown fog from the sandy skies we had a few days ago. Your crocus photos are how the little colored doodle flowers draw attention to the yellow centers of the crocus and the little thin photo on the opposite side of the LO!

  4. Feb was definately a month of snow and ice wasn't it! I'm so glad it's behind us and we're now facing warmer days and spring weather! Great photos of the month as always Jean! Thanks so much for sharing them with me. :)