Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Is Really Here

Yesterday wasn't a very special seeming day. It was cloudy, chilly and while we were out a light rain started a bit. Even so, an hour spent looking - and listening!! - to birds was so exciting. There were lots of sparrows including some migrants. Most species were singing. We were totally enchanted hearing Fox Sparrows singing. We saw at least six of them. An Eastern Phoebe, the earliest flycatcher to arrive, flitted to a perch in front of us. An adult Red-headed Woodpecker flew down to something on the ground showing off its bright white and black wings. Flickers were calling. No matter what weather we get now, both the calendar and the birds say it is spring!

Designer Credits: i remember you by Biograffiti
with doodle from Trail It by Merkeley Designs
fonts: Sybil Green, BlackLightD

And I really haven't abandoned my blog. I spent ten days involved in the Oscraps 5th birthday with lots of challenges, chats and fun. I did more than a dozen layouts, but most did not use current photos. I'll post some of the nicer ones soon.


  1. Great colors for this little the motion of the string and the heart shows your love of birds and their lovely tunes they are sharing with you. Your LO reminds me that I had a cardinal chirping its unique sound yesterday from my birdbath that has no water in it. I must go out today and fill it with water. Out of bird seed, but have some bread and some dried apricots that have turned they would love to have those as a treat, too!

    When I get my "project list" whittled down some, I plan to check out Oscraps...sound like a fun site. Actually plan to do nothing but Avery's quilt today...Yea!

  2. This is a cute little fellow and so beautifully camouflaged until seen full-sized. I hope he found a worm as large and wiggly, if not as pretty, as that lovely copper swirl.
    Spring has definitely sprung here and our garden is full of bird song at present. Wish you were here to identify the singers. The only ones I can recognise are the thrushes, the tiny tits, the blackbirds and the finches but I don´t really mind that much. It´s just such a pleasure to hear them all again after such a harsh winter.