Saturday, March 26, 2011

Photographs for our "other" senses

I did a layout for a camera challenge calling for a photo that invokes one of our senses beyond sight. Some lovely things were done and I've finally added one of a scented candle. I photographed this holder before, but this time I concentrated on the little candle part of it. Fortunately this can be enjoyed withOUT actually being exposed to the scent.
Designer Credits:
-background: i remember you by Biograffiti
-patterned paper: Revive by TaylorMade Designs
-circle stamp: Everyday by Ashalee Wall
-doodle: Trail It by Merkeley Designs
-flower (recolored): Oscraps Collab TrOpical by kwilson
fonts: AmerType Md BT, Bard, Amapola, Boopee

I said I'd post a few of my layouts from the Oscraps 5th birthday "party" so here are four of them. You'll see that they all had five somewhere in their themes. You can click on the images to see them larger.


  1. What an awesome collection of inspired by all of yours...feeling a little sad on my lack of pages these days. I went from 20-25 a month to 2 or 3 a month. Miss it but I am whittling away at some long-standing neglected projects.

    Love your candle and is so grand to enjoy it without the scent. The golden circle is a perfect accent and love the title, too! Candlelight is so peaceful. Our electricity was out 3 hours last week and we had unscented candles burning to be able to see...first time I have ever unloaded the dishwasher by! At mom's party we had the battery candles on the table in votive cups...they look very real and no scents! I have one here but it isn't very bright but lovely to look at.

  2. I love the way all of your pages came out, you know I love candles, and I love all the things you hightlighted about 5! I am not sure I want to think about what my life will be like in 5 years. I know I will have an empty nest, with my young man off to college by then, and there is a big part of me that isn't looking forward to that... but my ears might enjoy the reprieve from Metallica music! :)

  3. You´ve really been busy during your absence from your blog! This is indeed a wonderful collection of pages. I particularly like your candle layout. The warm colours and the swirling lines give a feeling of warmth and the movement of the flame. Now I´m left wondering what perfume it is. Judging by the colour I´d go for cinnamon...