Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raccoon in its winter home

I've photographed a raccoon in this hollow a number of times before but last month was the first time I got a shot of its face looking out. I thought it made a nice addition to a designer spotlight challenge for house or home.
Designer Credits:
-papers, house frame, word art: Home Sweet Home Add On by Maya de Groot
-spiral: Primavera by Maya de Groot
-flower: Oscraps collab TrOpical by kwilson
fonts: Celtic Hand, Century Gothic


  1. This made me smile. He´s so well camouflaged in his winter home I´m not surprised that you don´t often see him. The grass green background and the flower seem to be telling him it´s spring again and safe to leave his winter quarters.

  2. This sure did turn out nice! What a great photo of this little guy in his winter home. Is the photo detailed enough that you could apply a colored pencil or watercolor effect? I bet that would be really cute on a note card... or just the photo on a glossy stock note card would be great too! I do love your scrapbook page and the papers and elements you worked with are great!

  3. What a great capture of the raccoon peeking out of his comfy winter home. I have seen holes dug at the base of some dead trees in the woods and have wondered if they might be raccoons...but never seen one come in or out. I do see them peeking in our windows when they come up to eat bugs that come to the light from the house or the leftover cat food. I think the raccoon's in our woods think our back porch is their fast food drive in.