Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Different Styles: a Make-over

Would you like to see a traditional scrapbook page done in an "artsy" style? Anna's team has challenged folks to take a previous page in a traditional style and redo it using Anna's methods. I chose a page that I really love from the ending days at D-P when we were all scrapping cows for Nelleke. I used Retro Designs, mostly the kit Scraps of Memories. It is elegant and very fitting for this heritage topic.
Still, I was sure these bovines would enjoy a romp in a different setting as well. I kept the photos about the same but went to town with the artsy goodies. I also left out the humorous comment and covered up the little images of then avatar "Sandy" (only old-timers from D-P will know what that's about). I think the result is just about as much fun and certainly a different look.
Designer Credits: all Anna Aspnes
-background, brushes: ArtPlay Palette Sophistica
-leaves: GoldLeaves No. 1
-brad, frame: ArtPlay Santa Nicholas Add-On 1
-brushes (one as photo mask): ArtPlay Palette Ablaze
-word art: WordTransfers Life No. 1
fonts: Earwig Factory, Pea Anderson, Goudy Handtooled BT


  1. Love your humorous journaling about the cows. Great artsy makeover, Jean!

  2. Your makeover is quite a change in style and those splashes certainly remind me of the dangers of walking through a field of cows wearing good shoes! I remember the original and how it came about but the reference to "Sandy" completely baffles me...

  3. Oh...I like them both. I am always in awe of anyone who can create such wonderful layers using many different papers which you achieved in the traditional LO. It definitely has a "heritage" and somewhat serious feel to it even with the lighthearted journaling. The "artsy" one is very light and airy and I love the fun font used for the word "heritage"! Two different and yet equally wonderful outcomes achieved with these photos.

    Something seems vaguely familiar about the Sandy reference, but guess I have slept many night since way back when. Boy, my memory is not what it used to be.

  4. For a refresher on "Sandy" see the latest post!