Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drawing #26 - Mapping the Landscape

As I consider my drawings mental landscapes, this one is a landscape mapping. It is the multimedia format as usual. This one is done of 12 x 16 inch watercolor paper with a collage of papers, acrylic paints and black and gold inks. Remember to click on the image to see it larger, but you may need to right click for options to see it full size.


  1. wow, once again you have outdone yourself! It's a fabulous collage... The composition of shapes and colors draws the viewer closer to see exactly what is going on... and then up close... so many wonderful little areas of interest... as always, very well done! Very well done indeed! Another fantastic mental landscape! Great job Jean, you should be very happy with the way this came out!

  2. I wouldn't even know how to begin doing something like this. Interesting for sure. In the small view I see a white adobe building with windows and a door. Up close, I still see the building but not as clearly. Seems to be under a tree to the right with all kinds of activity above. Like the colors and touches of print in this one.

    1. I love your comment about the small adobe building. I found it (at least when the drawing is small) and think it is a really nice find. Trees there are a lot of.

  3. Wonderful, Jean! Your mental landscapes have gone well past the doodle stage. This is another which I´ll have to save to study up close as there´s so much to see - and imagine - in this one that it deserves more than a glance. Even so I can already see hills and valleys and lots of summer foliage. To me it gives a feeling of lightness and joy so that I immediately think of Beethoven´s Pastoral. It´s quite a symphony in itself!

  4. I love this landscape! One could disappear into it for a long time imagining different times and places.