Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making No New Year's Resolutions

This month there is a journaling challenge featuring resolutions (or not) and I went with not. I never do them, hate "shoulds" and it never seems to take. That doesn't mean I have no hopes, dreams or aspirations, just nothing codified. Well I wrote that up as best I could.
Designer Credits:
Oscraps Collab: Homespun
fonts: Shotgun Blanks BT, Jellyka, End_less Voyage


  1. Love your page, and your new path! Keep playing ... I will be here to encourage and support your dreams! I can't wait to scan the painting I am working on right now, but it is not dry yet... I will give you a little hint... I am so excited... I used a squeegee this time! What fun!

  2. Love the subtle shades of green in this...and you know how I usually dislike green! And I agree with the sentiment as resolutions never "take" with me either and I´ve stopped making them. My usual one used to be to stop procrastinating but I´d always put it off until tomorrow...