Sunday, January 22, 2012

Remembering Glacier Bay and our Alaska Trip

Another week and another AnnaLift had me thinking of Glacier Bay and our birding tour to Alaska. We cannot believe this was 30 years ago! It was amazing. The park brochure (in the layout) has marked on the map how much one of the glaciers had retreated since the 1890s. I don't want to find out how far they have retreated since we saw them. I also love looking at what I was wearing. The parka is one I made from a Frostline kit. I added a contrasting yoke in purple with chartreuse machine stitching. The hat I crocheted in my own design. I thought I was fat and out-of-shape then, but wish I could be like that now.
Designer Credits:
all Anna Aspnes
-background: ArtsyBlendz Snow Paperie No. 2
-transfer strip (blended): ArtPlay Palette Ablaze
-brush, overlay lines: ArtPlay Palette Sophistica
font: Frankfurt Gothic


  1. Awesome photos and blending. What an adventure for you both! One of these days, we hope to go on an Alaskan cruise. Making your parka reminds me of our first trip to Jamaica...I made two bikini swimsuits and some "hot pants" for the trip. I, too, would love to go back to the size I was in those days!

  2. 30 years goes bye in a flash... It must have really been something to be on the glaciers! Your page is fantastic ... what a great memory! Great photo blending! I think you look great, then and now! :)