Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Ice in the Sun

I took a lot of pictures of the icy creations on the 4th and here are two more. I did this page for a creative techniques challenge, this time a year in review of all the topics covered last year. My main one was a photo within a photo but also used a high pass sharpen filter (on the small photo and overall on the web-sized version) and did a little cluster work. The large photo has a hard light blend mode. I call it "Glisten and Glow."
Designer Credits:
Santangles by Maya de Groot
fonts: Dali, Corbel


  1. Fabulous photos... and your page turned out so nice! Great job with the filters and blending modes... wish they were spring photos, but I guess we gotta get through this winter first. :) I really shouldn't complain, it's been pretty mild so far... but it ain't over yet... Love your page! :)

  2. Your photos and LO turn out the sparkle of the sun on the ice and snow and the contract of the shadows in the photos. Very creative page.