Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Iris, Lovely Days

I love summer days with highs in the 70s! We've gone from needing a fan in the bedroom to putting a comforter back on the bed. I love it. We've both been dealing with medical issues, seemingly inconsequential, but annoying. Always I have genealogy to keep me busy and doing things with my sister too. Her tall bearded iris are winding down, the Siberians blooming well and Japanese still to come. I still have lots of photos and today I got a free, simple and elegant template that appealed to me for one of them.
Designer Credits:
-template: Template 110613 by Dumpty
-background from Rachel Papers by LydiaK Designs
-purple paper from Bohemian August by Miss Crow's Magickal Emporium
-heart string from Primavera by Maya de Groot
font: Corbel


  1. The seemingly simple design of your page brings these lovely blooms right into the limelight and by using more powerful shades you´ve emphasised the delicacy of the colours of the irises quite beautifully.
    Is there no end to your sister´s gardening talents? This is surely her ultimate achievement!

    Hope the cooler weather has helped you to recover from your ailments.

  2. I agree with everything Helen said. Your page is beautiful, and the flowers are lovely! I love the colors of the iris, and your page was just perfect! I am enjoying the nice cool weather too! I think we will be longing for these past few days come August! I hope you are feeling better. I've been having a real battle with my blood sugar levels this past week, but thank goodness, I am winning the war.

  3. Love your yellow heart which draws attention to the yellow center of this lovely iris! I had only two blooms from my irises this year...maybe more next year. Great page...simple but unique!