Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scorcher Yesterday, Better Today

Yesterday we hit 93 F. which doesn't sound that hot to those in the SW, but for our NON-air-conditioned house, it was warm. Overnight we had a storm that brought a much better day today. Somehow it also produced a wind that blew the hibiscus, pot and all, off its stand. It landed intact but the pot was broken. We're so glad Dick had delayed repotting it into the gorgeous blue pot his brother sent for Christmas. Well that is done now and the trimmed plant is looking great.

Earlier I mentioned a challenge to photograph feet. Yesterday I memorialized Dick's feet as he walked the front yard picking up small branches after an April storm. I like its feeling of movement.
Designer Credits:
Fei-fei's Stuff
-background, green patterned paper: The Gift
-gray papers: Family Ties
-staples, line, flower: Sunrise, Sunset
and paint splash from Sketchbook Artistry No. 1 by Sue Cummings
fonts: Dali, Ahnberg


  1. I'm so glad it cooled off today! It was mighty hot out there yesterday! Your challenge page came out really cute! I like your composition, and the elements and papers you choose for this worked out great. We had a thunderstorm this morning that was something else! But had some lovely sunshine and cool temps. this afternoon.

  2. A breeze helps with the hot weather, but gees, not one so strong it blew over your pot. Love your doodle title and the action it adds to Dick's walking feet. I raked up piles of twigs a few days ago since we had so many...more than usual due to the hailstorm a while back! Tony refused to turn on our A/C until the first of June even though we had some 100+ temps so I can relate to your non-A/C and even now we keep it set on 80.

  3. That looping line does give the impression that those feet are going somewhere but the first thing I notice in this photo isn´t actually the feet. It´s that wonderful lush green grass! Our lawn already looks like a threadbare carpet.
    I´m so glad for you that not only did your prized hibiscus survive but that it wasn´t in your treasured blue pot. My little bay tree was blown away too recently. It survived but its terracotta pot didn´t.