Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remembering a Special Moment

There is currently a Designer Spotlight challenge with a freebie and a requirement to scrap and journal about a special moment. Some people think of when they were married and gave birth and on to less dramatic events. I remembered how it felt to encounter my first Ruby-crowned Kinglets in migration and have a close up male flashing the red in his crest. These are quite small birds dressed in variations of an olive hue and the red crest is only visible (on the male) when he flashes it in display. It really got my attention and I had to know what it was. We were getting interested in birding at that point, but having this experience all by myself and uncovering who it was by myself as well was a very big step. I've used a photo from the U.S. National Park Service to illustrate this long ago event.
Designer Credits:
-photo from U.S. National Park Service
-brush (also used as photo mask), birds (blended) from Corinthia by Kitty Designs
-papers and other elements from Magical Moments Freebie by Kitty Designs and Vera Lim
fonts: Pea Aimee, Hurry Up, Hans Hand


  1. Wonderful way to remember your early birding days. I have to tell you, your pages have always inspired me, and I love seeing all your bird photos and pages. I've borrowed photos off the web for my pages too... I am sure it would be very difficult to get a photo of this little guy with his color showing. I've learned so much from you! What a gem you are! :)

  2. What an exotic little bird this is. He´s so well camouflaged among the greenery he´s hard to spot at first.
    Beautiful masking, well worth repeating, and the touches of red throughout lead the eye to that beautiful red crest.

  3. I can just imagine how magical the moment was when this little guy flashed his red crest. Reminds me of the first time I saw a Painted Bunting. I thought someone's parrot had gotten out. Couldn't imagine seeing something this gorgeous in Texas. I scrapped my photos of several I have captured...wonder if I can find them...the photos and/or the LO! I like that your special moment was unique to most in the challenge and that it led to a very rewarding hobby you have enjoyed for years.