Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Antidote to the Heat of Summer

Yesterday's official high temperature was 91 F. and that is much too warm for me! Especially since it was still May. Much nicer today with a good breeze and cooler temps. The new challenges are up for June and there is one to photograph FEET! I love it. It also reminded me of a page I did in March of 2008 of my feet in the snow of our driveway. It is quite a contrast to yesterday's heat.


  1. What a wonderful antidote to the heat...we had 108 and 111 last week. This photo is a refreshing breath of COLD air and a fun photo for this challenge! Love the browns and blues together and the brown rose is a nice touch to this winter photo!

  2. This is so surreal I had to do a double take to understand exactly what I was seeing! It´s a great photo though, even in itself a masterly abstract design of light and dark. I like the use of the faded rose as a reminder of summer and an antidote to the winter chill.
    It´s been over 30°C here recently with 90% humidity but it´s still not enough to make me wish for snow.
    Off now to the garden to bask in the heat...