Monday, November 21, 2011

Drawing #19 - Dance

Moving to a larger size has been quite a challenge. I brought out an old watercolor block with a relatively smooth surface, but the texture is much greater than my sketchbook and took color from acrylic paints more intensely. I've worked the details at the same scale as before so the result has distant and close views that differ significantly. The paper is 12x16 inches which sounds modest but seemed huge at times. This is more mixed media with collage, paint and ink. The result is exciting to me and feels like a real accomplishment. I know the origin of the drawing, but the result is creatures dancing as far as I can see. Please click to get the larger size for a better idea of the original.


  1. I like how your doodle has an organic feel and changes depending on the amount of detail that can be seen. In a way it's like looking at a forest, then getting closer and being able to see the trees, then moving in even closer to where the leaves can be seen. Very nice!

  2. Jean, I am so impressed with your work! I love it! Are you framing any of these drawings? What are you doing with them? I keep seeing your work (in my mind's eye) hanging in a show at the library where you like to go, or maybe it is an art gallery! I think they are just fantastic and you should be very proud of them!

  3. So glad I took a look at the larger view...awesome details in there. Love it and agree with Deb, could see it hanging in a library or gallery!