Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Memories of Ethel

This month's color challenge isn't about the colors, but about what we're thankful for and whatever colors that entails. I've used a photo I scrapped before -- but not like this! I love the photo and how it captures some of Ethel's irrepressible spirit. She wasn't always easy, but she was special. I've always been glad I got to take her on a birding trip to New Mexico when her bad knee limited her ability to participate in a normal birding tour. We had a great time! The photo was taken in New England (I think) a while later. Next year will see the 100th anniversary of her birth. Amazing!
Designer Credits:
by Anna Aspnes
-background: ArtsyBlendz Snow Paperie No. 2
-photo mask: ArtPaly Palette No. 10
-large brush, black flower: ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate
-small brush, red flower: ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise
-word art: ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate by Dido Designs
font: Pea Beth


  1. What a beautiful page to remember your friend Jean! Love the photo! Wonderful lessons, thanks for sharing! I bet she was a special lady. The photo makes me think she should have had a red hat and worn purple... ;)

  2. I love your journaling! She must have been a very special lady. Great page!

  3. I looked in vain for a bird in this beautiful page. There isn´t one and yet you´ve given it a soaring feeling with that touch of a blue swirl and really the entire background is so light and airy that Ethel´s photo could be flying itself. A lovely tribute to your friend and a page to remember.

  4. Helen, you caught me! I felt the swirl was more bird than most pictures of a bird might be, so that IS the bird on the page. And it has felt really good to be able to think about Ethel and our times together with this much joy again.

  5. This is such a wonderful photo of pure joy. Very uplifting much like a bird in flight and such a great memory of this fellow birder friend of yours! Love it!