Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Painting the Living Room

Dick has gradually been working on and painting the living room. An interesting quote and photo resulted one day last week. I sure have to smile every time I look at it!

In addition, one of his nicknames for ages has been "the old goat." His father was a painting contractor who had to retire at age 65. He started painting for his church and at home then. We even learned of his having been up on his roof at an advanced age. We took a pretty dim view of all that, but here is his son climbing around at 71.
Designer Credits:
-background: Subdue by Creations by TinaMarie
-gray paper: Photographed in Black and White by Sue Cummings
-leaves: Gold Leaves No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
-journal strips: Composition by One Little Bird
-doodle: Corinthia by Kitty Designs
-brush: ArtPlay Autumn Haze by Anna Aspnes
-ribbon: Whispering Trees by Creations by TinaMarie
-frame: Dorma by Lydia Designs
fonts: Enchanted Prairie Dog, Dali, Boopee


  1. How nice that you got your living room painted... but oh my! I would have been holding my breath if I would have seen him climbing around like that! I am such a klutz, I guess I just think that everyone else is too, and this just looks like an accident waiting to happen! Dick should be glad that you are not like me, he would have gotten a tongue lashing, rather than his picture taken! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I was so concerned for safety, that I forgot to mention that your page come out really nice! I love the elements and papers you used and the quote was just perfect! But I still want to tell him to "Get down from there!" LOL

  3. Goodness, Deb, I'm sorry the image gave you concern. It wouldn't occur to me to worry in this case as I know he knows what he's doing (and I think it looks worse than it is.) In general you have a good point though. I was also pleased with the look of the page as I think I got a pretty result without it looking feminine.

  4. Love the LO...the colors, the motion element accenting your climbing goat, and your fun journaling. Actually Dick is much wiser than I was the other day. I stood on my computer chair that swivels and rolls to put an album on a high shelf rather than go and find a ladder or more stable chair. I was lucky and didn't fall...Deb would have had an heart attack if she would have seen me...LOL!

  5. Great layout! I'm so glad you the picture, it's really neat. I like the design of your layout, nice job.