Monday, November 14, 2011

Neighbor's Alien Halloween

The next door neighbors always have nice Halloween decorations but the house beyond always has something more extreme. This year it wasn't a large display. Perhaps the aliens took them over. Too bad I didn't get any night photos of the lights on the spaceship! They are gone now, but it was fun while it lasted.
Designer Credits:
-background, accent mark, button, journaling card, paint: Terra Toni by Maya de Groot
-splats: Split Splat 2 by Creations by TinaMarie
-stitching: A Hopping Halloween Collab Kit
fonts: Harlow Solid Italic, Jazz LET, Catriel 


  1. oh, how fun! I'm glad the aliens didn't beam you up to the Mother Ship! Love your choices in elements for the page, I think it turned out great, maybe the aliens will be back for another visit next year. :)

  2. Great element and photo placement! It must have been a neat display, not too scary, but fun. I like the splatters and ring elements.