Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art Journaling, perhaps

Art journaling is a hot topic among a few digiscrappers right now. I took a photo yesterday of a rusting railing being overgrown by runaway vegetation. It is the sort of thing I've always loved, but I wasn't too sure about scrapping it -- or how to do so. Then I looked at some art journal pages that had just been posted and decided that was a direction, of sorts (they claim there are NO rules in this) that I could go. So I did it and really got into it with blending and filters and ended up with something rather different for me, but I think I like it.

I've liberally blended and filtered the page using hot wax coating, glowing edges and a tintype effect.
all from Take Me To the Old World by Lotta Designs
font: harrison


  1. How intriguing...I love it! I must admit that I don't think I would have ever picked this out to be one of your creations. How fun to see the results of you stepping out into something new. I love the feel of old and rustic items...looks like you had a great time doing this!

  2. Wow... how creative! So, now you can't just drop this little bomb and not tell us more... what were you doing with the "street metal" you collected! Did you create sculpture? Oh! I am so curious! :)

  3. Quite amazing! I love the contrast between the the rusty old iron and the fresh green leaves. Could well be a metaphor for the dead past and the living present. And how like to you add a little bird to this wonderful collage!