Monday, July 18, 2011

More Baby Birds

Common Grackles aren't as well known or pretty or melodious as American Robins, but they are special to us. They migrate a bit south returning by late February to our neighborhood. Their return, even though it can still be pretty wintry, is our signal that spring really is coming. They nest in pine trees behind us in a little colony. When courting and nest-building their flights and calls fill the air and warm our hearts (if not our hands.) This year two of the young birds fledged into our backyard before they were fully able to fly. One day I got photos of the adults feeding them. It was the 10th of May, a bit early for them to be out already.
Designer Credits:
Creative Motives, July 2011 DigitalScrapbookArtisanGuild Kit, by Dee Bee Designs
fonts: 1942 report, Boopee

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  1. What a fund of information you are and what beautiful birds you show us in your wonderful nature pages. This is a spectacular layout and a stunning composition. Lovely pale colours to highlight the birds themselves and I love that cluster. Altogether this is quite a celebration of the family life of the grackles.