Friday, July 29, 2011

Painting with Daylilies

I decided to try "painting" with my photos. I really think of this less as collage and more as painting. I used my photo mask, blending and erasure to create it. The daylilies were photographed June 20th.
Designer Credits:
-background green paper from Twitterpated by Dee Bee Designs
-orange paper from Rachel by Lydia Designs
-mother-of-pearl tiles from Esprit poudré, Part 1 by Fanette
-photo mask created with a drawing of mine of trumpet creeper blooms


  1. Fantastic composition! You did a wonderful job with the masking & Blending. Very creative! Looks like you had fun "painting" (and I bet you didn't get a speck of orange or yellow on the carpet!)

  2. I agree with Deb. This is a wonderful composition and so vibrant and dynamic I can almost see those beautiful flowers bending in the breeze. In spite of your description I have no idea how to create this kind of image digitally but I can imagine it must have taken quite some time. Well worth any effort though to achieve something as original and spectacular as this.

  3. Wow...this really popped out at me. Love how you did this. You ladies are getting so creative on me. I'm thinking I need to go digging and see what I can find from a workshop I did years ago to see if I can find something creative. I know I would have to go back several years to find some Daylilies like these as mine just didn't bloom this year.