Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Art Journaling

The art or illustrated journal concept is very close to the collage journaling classes I've been taking over the past year or two. That has been based primarily on private journals allowing for total openness and honesty. Public work is a different animal, but some things are not too personal to share. I've tried to convey a little of my ambivalence over neglecting birding in the comfort of computers and genealogy in a new page.
As often happens to me, I found myself thinking in terms of remembered song lyrics to help me express some of my feelings.
Designer Credits:
Journal du Matin by Paprika
crow photo is mine, my photo by my DH, both airbrushed on, also blending and filters
title and some text from Meat Loaf's Paradise By the Dashboard Light
fonts: Pea Anderson, Staccato222 BT
Deb asked about the street metal I used to collect. I used some in woven or other fiber art constructions. I gathered other found items too. One thing I enjoy (and scrapped some while back) is a collection of water worn brick and stone pieces with keys and shells added that form a constantly changing little sculpture to play with. Collage of a three-dimensional sort perhaps?


  1. Very the fact that the crow is from a "birding" photo of yours and love the photo of you "birding" blended into this page. Every time I take a photo of a bird, I think of you. Same with each heritage photo I work with...I think of you. Both activities say "Jean". Maybe, save birding for nice weather days and genealogy for the bad ones...of course, you might miss some of those "seasonal" birding photos. Maybe you are evolving...just enjoy each activity to its fullest at the time with no thoughts of doing one more than the other. With all your wonderful pages, you have preserved both activities to always look back upon through the years to come!

  2. I too should start up an art journal where I can be completely open and honest... that sounds so therapeutic! Your combination of photos and elements, journaling and sound lyrics worked wonderfully to express your feelings. I think your page turned out great! I can't blame you for not wanting to get out in the extreme weather, I completely understand how you miss the times you spent outdoors with your passions. I too think of you when ever I see a bird or a heritage photo... I know we have never met in person, but I treasure our friendship and feel so blessed that you and some of the other ladies from Deco-Pages are a part of my life. :)

  3. To me the soaring bird seems to represent the freedom and creativity of one of your hobbies while the leather-bound books belonging to the other keep you earthbound and factual. It´s like 2 entirely different aspects of a personality linked together in harmony in one page. This is simply spellbinding and beautiful.