Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drawing #11 - Rooms of the Minotaur

It is not the entire labyrinth, only some of its rooms. I clearly see the Minotaur though Dick doesn't particularly. The rooms contain all manner of creatures and objects to delight or horrify. Hopefully the humor of it will prevail. The beginning shapes were a bit different this time but the process was unchanged.
I promised to show the way I start these drawings and took photos of the very first steps. With pencil I draw a rectangle then divide it into shapes. I create variations on them to work with later. Then I select lines to draw in pen and begin to draw in the shapes. I use many of the pencil lines to augment the drawing. Don't forget to click on the image below to see the steps a little larger.


  1. Love the labyrinth, it reminds me of when I was a kid, my cousin Charlie had one made of wood that had a metal marble, and you had to move dials on the outside of the box, and the marble would move around the labyrinth... I thought it was the coolest thing since slice bread! I will have to look around and see if they make them any more, I think it would make a great gift for Matthew. Thank you so much for showing us how you developed this wonder mental landscape. I have to confess that I learn something new just about every time you post something Jean! I hate to confess my stupidity, but I had to look up what a Minotaur is! Very interesting! Half-man-half-bull creature! I think there could be a good joke in there! Another great drawing! :)

  2. This is interesting, Jean, also your description of how you go about creating these - I can hardly call them “doodles” any more – works of art. I´m currently reading a book called The Minotaur which I think may turn out to be more frightening than your drawing though some of the rooms in your labyrinth look rather unsettling to say the least. I can see several strange creatures in there but the only one with horns is lurking at the bottom so I think I´d avoid that particular room in the maze.