Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plants Familiar and Exotic

For a weekly scraplift challenge I had to use a photo of a plant called hyacinth bean that is very attractive, but is special for its bright purple seedpods. Next I featured our standby crabapple that didn't do well this year, most of its fruit missing. That was for the monthly color challenge in the category of fall colors.
Designer Credits:
lift of "The Autumn Came" by Geraldine (Dady)
ArtPlay Palette No. 10 by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Autumn Haze by Anna Aspnes
fonts: Snell Bold BT, Minya Nouvelle

Designer Credits:
-background, stitching border: Whispering Trees by TinaMarie
-frame, other papers, glitter: Blessing by Lydia Designs
-leaf stamp: Fallen Sun by TaylorMade Designs
fonts: Angel Tears, Huxtable


  1. hmmmm, I am going to have to go out in the yard tomorrow and see if our crab apple tree has anything on it. I know there are a ton of nuts falling from the trees in the back yard... and the chipmunks and squirrels are busy as can be. Your pages turned out great! Love them both!

  2. Just love that hyacinth bean, both the flowers and the seedpods. I´ve never heard of this plant but it looks a lot like sweet peas. You´ve made a lovely graceful page with it. As for your crab apples, they look more like our rowan berries and we´ve enough this year to feed a battalion of birds! Our local robin seems to enjoy cheese and bacon rinds though his American cousin may turn up his beak at them but it´s worth a try to compensate for the missing apples.

  3. Such a wonder pair of fall LOs...love the colors in both. I have heard of crabapples all my life, but don't recall ever seeing one. Autumn colors really make the crabapples pop! The drought has played havoc with all of fruit trees this year.

    The hyacinth bean I have not ever heard of before so thanks for introducing us to this lovely plant. Beautiful colors and page.